Super Mario Run APK Download V2.1.0 For Android Device

Super Mario Run Apk: After the famous Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run is another masterpiece from its makers Niantic Inc. This one has been the most awaited game for all the Super Mario fans who have played all their last games as well. The free action game is available on Google Play and requires Android 4.2 and over.

The game is unique in the sense that can be easily played with a single hand while the basic layout of the game remains the same where the player is required to move forward through various different courses with the help of different forms of jumps and navigation.

Super Mario Run APK Download For Android Device:


How your character will move forward, run or jump will precisely depend on the timing of your taps so it is completely in your hands to make your character move smoothly so you can gather several coins and also reach your goal. There are three different modes in the game.

Three Different Modes in Super Mario Run Apk Game:

The new Super Mario Run has three different game modes:

  1. World Tour

In the first mode, the player has to complete challenging courses that are featured in the game.

The player has to make his character run and jump to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Browser and clear 6 different worlds that have 24 brand new courses that are designed in such a way that they can be easily played with a single hand.

The access to the six worlds is only possible with a purchase.

  1. Toad Rally

In the second mode, the payers can challenge other players and then compete to find out who finishes the course better.

The players can explore all the stylish moves of Mario and use them to challenge their own friends or people from around the world. The second mode is actually a challenge mode where the challenge is new every time. The competition is for high scores, to gather coins and also you will be cheered by a crowd of Toads. If the moves of the player are too impressive, the Toads can also come and live in their kingdom. The player can also perform well and fill up the gauge and launch into coin rush.

To play the second mode, the player will require rally tickets that can be achieved in more ways than one like clearing the different worlds or by the bonus games in the Kingdom.

  1. Kingdom Builder

In the third mode, the players can create their own mushroom kingdom with the help of coins that they collect in the first two modes of the game.

One of the most interesting modes where the players stand a chance to build their own kingdom with the help of gathered coins and Toads. The players can create their own unique kingdom, making use of the buildings and decorations. These are acquired with the help of Toads that are collected in a Toad rally. The special kingdom builder feature in the third mode has more than 100 different kinds of items.

The New Features of Super Mario Run Apk Game:

The new version of Super Mario Run Apk is updated and has several improvements over the last one. Some of them are:

  • The players can now have a maximum of 99,999 Toads that can live in their kingdom.
  • The players can also find friends from their Nintendo account.
  • The player icons have been improved, they can now show off their customized characters.
  • The Google Play achievements have also been implemented.

While a part of Super Mario Run Apk is free to download and use, the users can also the complete game content and all its different modes of a payment of a specific price that is fixed. The game can be easily downloaded from links that are provided in several websites online. Remember to ensure that the websites are genuine and the links are free from any kind of malware.


Even if it is the first time that you will play a Super Mario Run Apk game, you will easily get addicted to it. The addictive game that can be played with a single hand is fast becoming a favorite of new players and old Mario fans alike.