OnePlus 6 to Offer Physical Controls for Some Camera Functions

Many news, infinity, around a OnePlus 6 that should be very close , and that the Chinese manufacturer continues filtering dropper to put the long teeth and raise the hype around your event to the maximum expression.

We already know that he will copy from the iPhone X his ‘notch’ , that horrible island on screen that we can hide to give us the reason, it was redundant, as well as a gesture control system similar to the one implemented by Apple. It has even been rumored about its price escalation and some of its key specifications , such as the Snapdragon 845 chipset or its AMOLED display.

The OnePlus 6 will offer physical controls for some camera functions

one plus 6 leaked photo

Today, the future flagship of OnePlus is once again in the spotlight due to a video published on the official Twitter account of the Chinese brand, which has been advancing with the marketing and the positioning of the OnePlus 6 for a few weeks now. to a presentation that should be imminent.

The content of the last video ‘teaser’ published a few hours ago, hints at the incorporation of new functions related to a camera that wins more and more as a differentiating section of the best smartphones on the market, and that OnePlus could incorporate a physical control to change the focus in the camera application.

Obviously it would be the Alert Slider button that will allow us to blur the background more or less in a way similar to some compact cameras, a button present in the entire OnePlus range and that until now was dedicated only to changes in mode between silence , vibration and sound.

A novelty to keep in mind now that only Sony bet on the physical buttons to shoot the camera , and that other manufacturers obviate although, like Samsung, have a fourth physical button dedicated to Bixby and it could well be configurable.