FaceTune APK Download Latest Ver 1.1.4 For Android

FaceTune APK Download : Are you looking for the software to edit your selfie photo on your Android device? So here today I am going to tell you about the Facetune APK that you can edit your photo. With this Facetune APK, you can create your picture as perfect by using this application. If you ready to make your picture with the perfect look, then you may continue reading this information from beginning to the end. So before going to a deep discussion, let’s first know about the Facetune APK.

Facetune is an enjoyable and influential photograph and selfie picture editor. This app is one of the amazing and powerful and easy to use to retouch and make perfect all your photo or selfie. Using this app, you can remove easily your dark circle and blemishes and can modify your photo and share with your friends. You can change your photo using Facetune app same as magazine level. Facetune can change your picture like beautiful skin, bright eyes, perfect smiles, hair salon, vivid makeup, face reshape, make art, easy and fun, show off, and photo enhancements.

FaceTune APK Download Latest V1.1.4 For Android Device:

Facetune Apk Download

So, these are the Facetune app that you can change your photo as perfect and amazingly similar to magazine level. Before reaching the Facetune app, first, you must know about its features that offer for all the Android users. So let’s have a look.

Procedure For Facetune Apk Download on your Android Device:

If you want to install the Facetune app on your Android device, then you may follow this procedure which you find easy to install without facing any problem while installing the Facetune app for Android devices.

  1. First, you just open the browser to download the Facetune app on your Android devices.
  2. Now you go to the link to find the Facetune APK file.
  3. Type the link on the browser to search. Click the search the option.
  4. Now the page will start loading.
  5. When the loading page gets successful, and then just click on the download button.
  6. Wait for a few seconds to complete downloading.
  7. Now you proceed to the file manager and start searching the Facetune APK free file.
  8. You just tap on the file that you get on searching to install the Facetune APK.
  9. The installation will take few second to complete it.
  10. When the installation completes then, you will able to use the Facetune app without any charge.

So these are the procedure to install the Facetune app on your Android device. Now, not only Android, even you, can install on another device like iOS which I am going to tell you the process to install on an iOS device.

How to install Facetune APK on your iOS Devices:

This Facetune is also can be download and install on iOS devices that can editor the personal photo and make perfect and amazing without Jailbreak your iOS devices. So follow this steps that I am going to tell you is given below.

  1. First, you must open the browser on your iOS devices.
  2. Now go to the link to download the Facetune app on iOS devices.
  3. You scroll down and then you will notice the Facetune app.
  4. You will find the green bar and click on the green bar. A new page will open again.
  5. Again click on the green bar.
  6. When you complete doing this, you will find the install button, click the install button.
  7. Now, you click the home page button and go to the Setting menu.
  8. And then click on the General tab and click on the right side of profile and device management.
  9. Then start searching the ‘Fuzhou Fanhao Software Limited Company’ and the click on that you are searching.
  10. When you finish clicking, you will find ‘Trust,’ click on ‘Trust.’
  11. Now you can go to the home page back and then launch the app.
  12. Congratulation! Your installation has completely successful.

So these are the step which you can install the Facetune app on your iOS devices for editing your photo as perfect and amazing look without any cost.

Specific Features of Facetune Apk for Android Devices:

The Facetune is one of the best and powerful editor apps that allow you to change your photo. Many people think that the images of the photo that they have downloaded the picture edited with another app, but if you download this Facetune for Android device, you will come to know that you can make your photo as perfect and amazing looks. Here I have listed some of the features which you will able to do while editing your photos.

  1. You can make your photo like whiting teeth, can add more feature towards the face, smoothen your skin, can change your body shape, can fix your red eye, scrape up your pimples, and blur the background.
  2. It allows you to edit the picture in a real time without trailing any pixel.
  3. You will able to make your photo amazing and perfect as magazine level.
  4. It allows you to use your finger blow motion while editing the photo.
  5. With this Facetune, you can purify or extend you smile photos, change your eye color, brighten dark circles your eyes, can change your hair color, can remove drift hairs and redesign your face photo.
  6. The tools that Facetune app is very simple and easy to use but powerful.
  7. This Facetune is a great portrait and selfie editing app for an Android device and iOS devices.
  8. It allows you to defocus your face which is not in focus by using this Facetune app.

So, these are the best features of Facetune APK which offer for you to editor your photo on your Android devices. Now in given below, I am going to tell you the procedure to install Facetune on your Android devices.


Facetune is one of the best apps which you can edit your photo with an extra change of face reshape, hair salon, perfect smile, bright eyes, beautiful skin and makes art. I hope you well understood reading this content, so if you think this information is helpful then you can share with your friend or want to share more about Facetune Apk Download you can come to an inbox and leave a comment.