Critical Strike Portable APK Download: Everything You Need to Know!!

Hello friends, today we will discuss the features, installation and download process of the Critical Strike Portable APK download for your device. It is an action gameplay where you can fight with your opponent as simple campaign player or team up in a multiplayer campaign that depends totally on you. It is one of the most popular action games which are available free for download. The application shares with you some of the exciting and mind-blowing graphics or visual effects.

Critical Strike Portable is one of the most popular games that pay tribute to counter strike 1.6 as it has some similarity. Both of these game shares the experience virtually among the most legendary action game. It has an amazing touchpad sensitivity gameplay facility with full control systems. The display of the game is filled with lots of as it is crowded with the jump, move, shooting, weapon selection store, and other various options.

Critical Strike Portable APK Download: Everything You Need to Know!!!

Critical Strike Portable APK

Critical Strike Portable Apk is an exciting game which is absolutely free for download no payment is required to grab the game on your android device. It is a high-level 3D FPS game which lets you experience all the amazing shooting experience with a cool weapon like the Desert Eagle and sniper as well.

How to download and install the Critical Strike Portable Apk file version?

For your kind information, the APK file of the Critical Strike Portable is not officially available for downloading as it is a third party application. In order to download the Critical Strike APK file version for your device, you can visit any of recommended site suggested. You just need to do some Google search by typing Critical Strike Portable APK file version. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Type the keyword Critical Ops APK Download in the Google search engine and press on the search button.
  • Now Google will display many sites for downloading the APK file you can pick any of the recommended sites for downloading the Critical Ops Apk file version.
  • Go to the selected site and click on the download button of the file by choosing the folder location in your android device.
  • Before you begin the installation process of the Critical Strike portable application. Go for the <settings> on your device by selecting the <security settings> and now tap the administration options to allow all the third party application or unknown sources apps on your device.
  • Go the destination of the folder where you have stored the downloaded APK file and tap on the file for installing the Critical Ops on your android device.
  • Soon after the installation process gets over you will need to reboot your android device.
  • Now the Critical Strike Portable is ready to use you can start launching the application.

Critical Strike Portable Game Gide for the Web Version:

  • Stands for the radar which indicates the location of the player of your teammates and also the location of your enemy until and unless the settings are been disabled.
  • Stands for that you will be able to view the number of kills and death of both of teammates and your opponent as well it may be when you play the game as Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist.
  • Stands for the crosshair which signifies which you are targeting at.
  • Shows the number of the players in each team which will be displayed in a text with the details of the kills count followed by your name.
  • It is the health bar where you can learn the health left in you to survive against the bullets in the gameplay.
  • It shows you the present round’s remaining time of the basis of the game mode.
  • Here you will be able to view the present money in your gameplay and the number of ammo left with the magazine.

Features of the Critical Strike Portable Apk for Android Devices:

  • It has a cross-platform with the 3D Multiplayer FPS MMO game both the local and online in between the web, Android, and iOS.
  • It has a single player campaign mode where you have to fight with the robots.
  • It has a very smooth and sensitive customizable touchpad controls.
  • The Game comes with the customizable settings with the Player HP, zombie difficulty, player speed, difficult gameplay modes, night mode, matrix mode and the space mode as well.
  • Provides you with lots of unique maps and also with the unity 3D facility.
  • Build your own map and uploads using the unity 3D.
  • The application gives you an amazing assistance support for solving the issues that you faced while playing the game.
  • Choose the night mode and select the option for the custom settings.
  • The color selection of the player of the game comes in two colors and that is blue and the red one.
  • You will achieve the tesla zombies and buy barricades in the survival mode.
  • Change your previous weapon by purchasing a new one from the store after your death in the gameplay.

Tips on how to play Critical Strike Portable online:

  • Always try your every possible way not to stay in the same place as your opponent or enemies might shoot you down from the back side so that simply means you will die on the spot.
  • For buying, any of the new weapons do not just purchase it after your new spawn as it brings the high possibilities of letting you die in the war zone of the game.
  • If you die while reloading your weapon during the gameplay instead of reloading try changing another weapon which will save your time and keep you awhile fight with your enemies.
  • Most of the time the players of the game mistakenly tap on the chat button which ultimately let the controls options seemed to be locked up. So make sure that you did not press the chat button while playing the game.
  • In case if you lagging out all of sudden and have to the idea of your web browser and at the same, you will be required to clean up the cache on weekly basis.


I hope article now you know how to install the Critical Strike Apk download on your android device and in the meantime aware of how to play the online version game. Please leave your ideas in a comment below given below. Share it with your friend, co-workers and the one who you cares as much as possible.