Citymapper – The Ultimate Transport App for Android and iPhone

Do you think that this lame fear should generate the ability to stop you from discovering your new city? Your answer should be a No. This is so because if you do not move out you will flunk when it comes to the broadening of your mental horizons. If no one is out there to help you then technology can come to your aid only if you agree to exploit its assistance. With the astounding Citymapper appyou can very well drive away your fear of getting misplaced and can also grab a chance to roam about in the city all by yourself.

A Little Background Study of the Citymapper App:

An amazing application that was given an origin in 2011 in the beautiful city of London, by a previous employee from Google, named Amat Yusuf, Citymapper is a calculator of the route and is a metropolis traveling application. It has now turned out to be a quite celebrated application and is functional in some of the major cities of the world like London, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. It has been rewarded the ‘Apple Application of the Year’ in 2013 as well as in 2014.

The Finest Navigator

Citymapper app has been considered to be the finest application by its users. For example, if you happen to make use of this application to know how to reach a particular destination, then it uses the unique way to guide you. It presents before you the latest niceties that are updated in its database till the very minute and since it is quite a comprehensive application, you can easily sort the details without encountering any sort of impediment. It renders information in regards to the departure of buses, the live status of the tubes as well as the walking distance between one spot to the other. It is actually a strong combination of exquisite advantages that are made accessible to you.

Trace your own Location

You will be able to track your own location as soon as you get the app installed on your cellular smartphone. You will be able to view your own location on the map that will be out there on the screen before you. The arena of the map might appear to be a miniature one yet you can zoom and have a good look at it. You can also trace certain concentrical circles that are going to help you in the spotting of walking distance spots that are present around you.

Citymapper App

Apart from this, you can also get information pertaining to the shops and stations that are close by to your destination. Not only this, you can also draw in the details in regards to the specific spots. Just beneath the tiny map, you have an accessibility to the buttons that are termed as the ‘Buses’, ‘Cycles’, ‘Tubes’ and ‘Favourites’.

Download Links :

  • citymapper for android – Here
  • citymapper for iOS – Here

The ‘Bus Stop’ section

Now, this is one of the sections in this particular application. The red pins that are present over there tell you about the stops that present across your current location and prevents you from taking the wrong direction. It will guide you by explaining to you the walking distance, leading up to the destination. There is also an alternative to save the bus stoppage because navigation demands efforts that cannot be made all the time. You can also access information in regards to the departure of the bus and can also gain information in regards to the bus line.

Viewing the Rails and Tubes Station

Now you can also easily locate the rails and tubes stations. Apart from this, the railways and tubes are differentiated from each other. Where the railways are marked by gray lines, the underground metros are symbolized with the aid of different colors.

Download the app now from play store or app store and trace your way and mode of traffic all by yourself.