Survey Says Apple 3D Sensors too far for Android to Reach!

Two years of advantage, in the 3D sensor race Android manufacturers are still far from Apple

The depth sensors have come solidly to the mobile phone sector with the iPhone X. Face ID and the complete set of TrueDepth has driven this type of technology but has also monopolized its manufacture , reports suggest that the main suppliers will not have enough pieces for Android manufacturers until 2019. In other words, this year we will not have Face ID systems on Android phones either.

Survey Says Apple 3D Sensors too far for Android to Reach!

iPhone X

As reported by Reuters after talking with various providers, it is estimated that Android phones like the manufacturer Huawei or Xiaomi can implement 3D detection sensors only in 2019 , or at least then on a scale large enough to have production levels adequate to market demand.

VCSEL, the component most demanded by manufacturers
The fault of this advantage of Apple with respect to the rest of manufacturers is the VCSEL component. It is a small laser emission sensor capable of detecting the distance of objects and thus the depth of them. This is what the iPhone X has in its TrueDepth camera, we also have it in the AirPods to detect when we put them on or off.

At the end of 2017, Apple invested 390 million dollars in Finisar , one of the main suppliers of VCSEL components. This investment was a medium-term commitment to ensure that sufficient pieces were available for the company’s future products . According to Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO:

The VCSELs enhance some of the most sophisticated technologies we have developed and we are delighted to partner with Finisar in the coming years to overcome the limits of VCSEL technology and the applications they allow.

Other manufacturers also create VCSEL modules, but bottlenecks in production make it difficult for them to reach important telephones in the market. The readers of track of moment will continue being tendency in Android, complementing some that other notch without sense .

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that those two years of advantage does not mean being the only one to have phones with face detection, but also having two years of advantage developing this system. While the rest of manufacturers are waiting to implement the 3D sensor, Apple advances to improve yours and increase that gap since the arrival of the iPhone X.